Flea Treatments for Cats


cats-fleaCats love enjoying a wide range of climates and enjoy being both inside and outside of the home. When they are in the home it is important that they are cared for and this means checking for fleas and other health problems. Fleas can be an issue as they bring small insects into the house and will cause issues to humans by biting and causing possible infection. It is especially important to get rid of fleas if there are children in the home as they may get bitten and this can result in itchy marks that will be uncomfortable. Luckily there are many ways in which to get rid of fleas in cats and this article we will take a look at the best ways in which to do this.

Flea collars

Flea collars are a quick and easy way in which to tackle the issue of fleas on a cat and this can be an effective method so long as the cat does not manage to take the collar off and leave it somewhere where it cannot be found. It is for this reason why you should invest in a flea collar, but only if your cat will continue to wear it. Effective cat flea collars will last between 7-8 months and will repel both fleas and ticks. Flea collars should be available online and should also be on offer in most pet shops. Cats tend to enjoy collars more than other animals, and this may be a good solution.

Oral flea treatments

This form of tablet can be eaten orally and will be effective against fleas, mites and ticks and can be added into the same food that is being eaten by the cat. The benefits of this form of treatment is that it can begin working within 30 minutes. This form of treatment may not be as good for cats, as they can be fussy eaters.

Flea spray

Flea spray can be an additional way to get rid of fleas and can be sprayed around the home, so as to eradicate the fleas that may have been brought in by the cats. It can also be used to destroy the flea eggs. These sprays usually last for up to 6 months when they are sprayed and will kill all fleas and eggs within this time.


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